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For over 99 years, local businesses and nationally recognized brands have turned to The Miami Times to promote themselves to Black consumers in the South Florida market. Today, our publication’s trusted and award-winning content engages audiences 24/7 across both print and online channels.


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This site has been specially designed to aid marketing and advertising professionals to learn more about the many capabilities of The Miami Times. We seek to help you better understand the valuable audience we are able to deliver for our advertisers. We welcome you to explore the site and discover the wide range of innovative solutions we offer clients to help them grow their brand awareness throughout South Florida’s Black communities. Our team stands ready and willing to help your brand achieve its advertising and marketing goals. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.

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Innovative Solutions That Drive Results

Our diverse portfolio of products and services deliver strategies and solutions that can uplift your brand and bottom line. Though we have deep roots in print, we have embraced digital technologies with open arms. As media consumption behavior evolves, so will our solutions.

Print solutions

Print Advertising

At The Miami Times the printed page provides readers with trustworthy content, longevity and an emotional connection that simply cannot be replicated by a screen. We have a proven track record of delivering products that are both engaging and effective for readers and advertisers. 


Digital Marketing

Though we built our foundation on print, The Miami Times has quickly become a leading digital player in South Florida. Our readers enjoy convenient access to our content online 24/7, across numerous platforms. For our advertisers, we offer a variety of targeted digital solutions, ranging from display banners to custom native content.   

Custom content solutions

Studio Twenty-Three

Looking for something above and beyond, ready to think outside of the box? The Miami Times’ in-house creative content agency Studio23 is ready to collaborate with you. From a branded editorial series to custom-developed special section distributed statewide…no project is too big for our innovative and capable team.


Savvy, Influential, Passionate, and Socially Active

Get to know the Miami Times reader. Take a look at our audience demographic’s data to see how our community should be an essential target for your next advertising campaign.

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As Florida’s oldest and largest Black newspaper, we are the premier medium for reaching South Florida’s Black Community. The Miami Times is a trusted name that continues to deliver results for both readers and advertisers.

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