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Miami Times readers take great interest in politics, the arts, business and their community. They’re always on the go — working, traveling, entertaining, gardening, staying fit and learning. Our readers shop, dine out and attend more movies, concerts, arts and sporting events than most would believe. 

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17 Years

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Local News, Living Black & Viewpoints

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Publix During the Weekly Grocery Run 

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37 Years Old

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64% Own

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Single Earner, Not Household

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Our Readers…They’re Younger Than You Thought

Over 58% of our readers are between the ages 25 and 44 years old.

Combination of Print + Digital Provides Ideal Reader Age Mix

Our commitment to providing readers with a diverse selection of content across all Miami Times
channels has helped us to obtain a healthy mix of readers at all stages in their lives.


Our Readers Are Strong Middle and Upperclass Earners. 

Local Buying Power That Adds Up: Over 35% of Miami Times households earn in excess of $100,000 annually. 
Our readers are a valuable and essential part of the South Florida consumer market.


Black Female Consumers Nationwide Propel Total
African-American Buying Power Towards $1.5 Trillion

Trendsetting › Influential › Game-changers
A recent Nielsen Diverse Intelligence Series report, paints a portrait of Black women as trendsetters, brand loyalists and early adopters who care about projecting a positive self-image. They are playing an increasingly vital role in how all women see themselves and influencing mainstream culture.

As Florida’s oldest and largest Black newspaper, we are the premier medium for reaching South Florida’s Black Community. The Miami Times is a trusted name that continues to deliver results for both readers and advertisers.

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