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Print is just the beginning. The Miami Times offers a full suite of digital marketing tools to help advertisers best maximize their reach within the Black community. From banner ads on our responsive and streamlined news site, to dedicated e-mail marketing and everywhere in between…we’ve got you covered.

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01 | Standard Display Banner Ads

This type of banner ad is called like this because it’s usually displayed noticeably at the top of a web page. If you want to get your ad in front of as many people as possible, then this is a good option to consider.

An advertising staple, the Medium Rectangle is a reliable  and proven asset in any digital campaign and puts your brand messages front and center. This unit has excellent availability across our site.

Even though this banner ad size doesn’t get as many impressions as its smaller sibling, it’s still a popular option for advertisers. It performs best when it’s placed within text content or at the end of a post. Because it’s slightly bigger than the 300×250 ad size, it means you’ll have more real estate.

The wide skyscraper is a vertical banner ad that is designed specifically for sidebars. While popular, it is less effective than wider half page banner ad unit which tends to draw more user attention.

Despite its name, the size of this type of banner ad does not cover half of a page. However, it does take up the most amount of space compared to the large banner sizes. This means that, as an advertiser, you have a lot more elbow room to get your message noticed. But this comes with the pressure of needing to create stunning visuals that draw people in and getting them to click on your banner ad.

Billboard ads are designed to drive user focus to a single advertising experience for maximum impact. This high-impact ad unit commands attention, running full width of the page. Research shows the ad yields a 30% longer viewing time and an approx. 2.5 times higher engagement rate.

The Super Leaderboard is often used as a pushdown ad, putting your message on top by expanding downward to take center stage. Elements like video, audio, and live links drive direct action. The unit still makes a big impression in it’s original height of 90px thanks to its extensive 970px width. 

Roadblocks make a big impression! This form of home page takeover on is a great way to “own the page” that readers are viewing. With a roadblock campaign, all web ad space on a single page (typically the homepage) is owned by the same advertiser.

Required Ad Units: 970×90, 728×90, 300×250, 300×600, 320×50

We offer both native in-text advertising as well as traditional display banners ads in our weekly eNewsletter blast to more than 4,500 engaged recipients. 

  • In-Text/Native Ads Include: Headline, Subhead, up to 175 Words and 2 Images
  • Display Ads: 300 x 250 Rectangle  / 728 x 90 Leaderboard

**Dedicated Email Blasts Available**

As Florida’s oldest and largest Black newspaper, we are the premier medium for reaching South Florida’s Black Community. The Miami Times is a trusted name that continues to deliver results for both readers and advertisers.

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